luna (lunamask) wrote in smartgirlsunite,

Smart Girls Unite LJ Community Invitation

This group has just been created for women-only who want to get to know other intelligent and talented women. It is membership by approval only, and you must be a woman* to join. Please read the community info and bio information and if you feel this is a good place for you, join and I'll let you in the treehouse.

The specific nature of the community is to support and encourage smart and talented women who are dealing with the issues that are pretty much unique to women. It's open to women of all gender-preferences, religions, races, political and religious beliefs. It's a place to discuss and maybe discover solutions to the problems women face in today's world.

*If you are transsexual or in the process of becoming a woman, you are also invited. You have even more difficult challenges to face and the support of your sisters might be encouraging.
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